Deputy Union Minister Visits IDP Camps in Magway Region’s Gangaw and Pakokku Districts to Provide Humanitarian Assistance

Deputy Minister Dr. Ngai Tam Maung from the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management under the National Unity Government, visited internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in Magway Region’s Gangaw and Pakokku Districts in December 2023. He met with camp administrators, township public administrative body, and village administrative body, providing humanitarian cash assistance.

During the 3-week trip, the Deputy Minister and team met with township public administrative body, village administrative body, and township humanitarian focal points in Magway.

They explained the ministry’s operations and the revolution’s progress, distributed IDP cash assistance and provided words of encouragement to township leaders and focal points, jointly inspected school air-raid shelters with ministry and township humanitarian staffs, met with PDF battalion commanders and motivated trainees at a PDF training, visited clinics, nursing schools, and schools to express gratitude and encouragement to doctors, teachers, and students, serving the people on the ground.

In one village destroyed by arson attacks by the military council, Deputy Minister and the team consoled residents over killings and arson, explained the revolution’s advances, and provided words of encouragement. They also visited a revolutionary comrade who lost both eyes and one hand, providing financial aid, attended a fallen comrade’s memorial alms offering, and joined Christmas and New Year celebrations with locals wherever they went during those holidays.