Summary of aid provision and activities of MoHADM (December 2022)

📌The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, National Unity Government was able to provide 616.77 million kyats of humanitarian aid during November 2022.
❄️ As the weather became colder in December, the winter jackets and blankets were provided to IDPs. Besides, the ministry continued providing the aid for road construction, the project for providing temporary houses in the areas affected by arson attacks of military forces and the project for setting up the temporary bomb shelters in the schools. The ministry is working with various partners on ground to provide emergency humanitarian assistances to the people and CDMs who have been facing hardships due to terrorist military.
💣 As one of the missions of the ministry is disaster prevention, the ministry is raising awareness by distributing posters and pamphlets regarding Do and don’t during armed conflicts, the hazards of landmines and explosive weapons and precaution and preparation for the air strikes in conflict affected areas.
❤️‍🩹 Mind healer program is providing psychosocial support and counselling services through Facebook page to reduce the mental distress of the people.
🫶The ministry expresses the gratitude towards the local partners, representatives and volunteers who arrange the aid to reach the suffering people despite the obstacles of military, the donors and fundraisers.
📌The humanitarian aid provided by the ministry is from people to people donations and the ministry is also working tirelessly to get the international assistance.
The details of aid and activities of the ministry can be viewed in the pictures.