Cooperating Organisations

The effective implementation of humanitarian assistance and disaster management activities by cooperating with the United Nations Agencies, international non-governmental organisations, ethnic organisations, community-based organisations, civil society organisations, and other development partners improves the lives of people affected by the conflict, and also supports our common goal of founding a Federal Democratic Union.

UN Agencies, Development Partners and International Non-governmental Organisations

To all international governments, the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management is highly appreciative for your persistent strong support and stance towards the Myanmar people. In review of the current situations in Myanmar, it clearly manifests that an overwhelmed population within the country requires urgent humanitarian assistance. Therefore, we are always grateful for your continuous cooperation with the elected civilian Government in providing humanitarian aid. The NUG hereby urge the UN Agencies, other development partners and international non-governmental organisations to prolong this amicable relations and to work together and extend the existing bonds.

Ethnic Organisations

To all brothers and sisters from ethnic organisations, it is our time to show unity to help our parents and elders, brothers and sisters, friends and children. Whilst keeping mutual respect and value and on the other hand, putting aside differences, we all should focus on the common goal and march forward to provide our people a safer environment, a better place, and ultimately creating a brighter future, a peaceful Federal Democratic Union. Our next generations need us.

Community-based organisations & Civil society organisations (CBOs and CSOs)

To CSOs and CBOs, we cannot achieve our goals without you. People are fundamental. CSOs and CBOs are the closest to our people. Bonding our hands together will strengthen our efforts. You all are warmly invited to work together with us. 

Last updated: June 11, 2021