Meeting of National Unity Government’s Emergency Operation Coordinating Committee (EOCC) Held on January 19, 2024

The Emergency Operation Coordinating Committee (EOCC) of the National Unity Government convened on January 19th to review and coordinate vital emergency response plans and procedures. Key leaders in attendance included the Secretary of the Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Commission Dr. Win Myat Aye, EOCC Coordinator and Deputy Union Minister Dr. Ngai Tam Maung, and heads of EOCC’s working taskforces which were Data Collection and assessment, Security, Protection and Logistics, Communications, Public Relations and international relation, Humanitarian Assistance and Emergency Health Care, Admin and Finance, Research and Development, and Early Recovery. The meeting achieved crucial objectives to fortify the nation’s readiness against potential crises:
– Operational guidelines were evaluated across working groups to refine action plans.
– Frameworks were established to form township-level emergency coordination teams.
– Protocols were aligned to disseminate public air raid instructions and early warning systems.
– Scheduling was set for regular EOCC and working committee meetings to maintain mission-critical momentum.
Supportive working group meetings were also conducted this week. On Jan 17th, the Communications and Public Relations unit prioritized local coordination team formation, citizen engagement, and air raid monitoring capabilities. The Management and Finance Committee convened Jan 18th to review emergency fund allocation, interministerial proposal vetting, and EOCC reporting procedures.