Union Minister’s message on LayKayKaw conflict situation

Clashes between junta troops and the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), allied forces are breaking out because the terrorist military junta raided Lay Kay Kaw Myothit in the KNLA Brigade 6 controlled territory. The junta troops fired heavy artillery at civilian-populated areas, burning houses and turning thousands into IDPs.
We feel heartbroken and stand in sympathy with the Karen people, whose life has been affected by 70 years of war and are now again having to endure the atrocities of the military dictatorship. Sympathising with the suffering of our ethnic brothers and sisters, efforts are underway to deliver humanitarian assistance swiftly and the public is also encouraged to contribute in all the ways they can. Neighbouring Thailand is also urged to look after the fleeing refugees out of a shared humanitarian spirit. Not only in Lay Kay Kaw but a large number of ethnic people across Myanmar have fled their homes and are affected by the conflicts caused by the military junta’s arbitrary shootings, burnings, and arrests and killings.
The National Unity Government (NUG) has been continuously working to support war refugees. However, these scourges would come to an end only through a complete uprooting of the military dictatorship. In a world where causes invariably lead to effects, we must invest our efforts in good causes in order to achieve good effects. Therefore, all the people must unite around the goal of building a true Federal Democratic Republic and bringing to justice the military dictatorship, which has continuously oppressed, murdered and tortured the people, and must continue the journey towards a victorious Spring Revolution. 

Dr. Win Myat Aye