“The Fire That Will Stop Burning Only After the Spring”

The winter morning of December 13 brought the kind of heat that made the people of Kae Bar village in Ayartaw Township, Sagaing Region, shed tears. Terrorist military junta forces and their lackeys Pyu-Saw-Htee forces attacked Kae Bar village mercilessly with heavy gun fires, raided the village, stole the foods from the villagers and put over a hundred houses on fire.

Sorrowful images of innocent local Myanmar people in grief amid burned debris could often be seen in regional and international media. Murderous military also committed similar atrocities against the villagers of Nyaung-Hla village in Depayin Township on November 28.  

Not only villages but also densely populated towns could not escape from being set on fire by the military junta. A small town called Htan-Ta-Lan in Chin State was burned mercilessly three times by the military, and hundreds of homes and dwellings were destroyed by fire. The world has witnessed the small bustling high-land town being turned into a collapsed one without any residents in a short time.

International humanitarian law explicitly prohibits armed forces in conflict areas from using weapons and military operations that could inflict huge impact on the civilians and their surrounding areas. However, Myanmar military forces led by dictators very frequently commit air strikes and burn towns and villages recklessly, which harm many civilians to a great extent.

The National Unity Government (NUG) that truly represents people of Myanmar has officially designated the military as a terrorist group. The NUG has also been preparing a list of crimes committed by the terrorist group and filing lawsuits against them at the international courts, submitting evidence in a timely manner. Actions will also be taken so that war criminals could be punished appropriately.

The NUG also announced that for the grievances of people who lost their homes, it will take systematic measures when the rehabilitation process could start.

As long as the terrorist military junta remains, towns and villages will not be spared from being burned to ashes, and pains and sorrows of people who lost their loved ones would not come to an end.

Therefore, each and every citizen can accelerate the momentum of the Spring Revolution by taking part in any capable form using various ways to defy the military junta, and we will definitely reach our goal.

Our, Peoples’ Uprising shall succeed!

Dr. Win Myat Aye