Summary of recent Ministry’s activities

  • The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management has provided a total of 1.5 billion kyats in humanitarian assistance within 6 months since the formation of the National Unity Government (NUG). During this 6 months period, the Ministry has provided 587 million kyats for war refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs) and vulnerable groups, 750 million kyats for food security support during the conflict, and 135 million kyats for other humanitarian assistance. 
  • A total of 335 million kyats was supported as humanitarian assistance across the country and about 60 million kyats was supported to war refugees and IDPs during September and October since the People’s Defence War began. Currently, efforts are underway to provide continuous assistance to areas suffering under increasing offensives from the military.
  • Additionally, the Coordination and Implementation Working Committee for the Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Response Commission, composed of representatives from all States and Regions, is conducting negotiations with partner development organizations and partner countries for acquiring humanitarian aid. Plans are also being put in place to facilitate international and domestic funding flow, which is important in providing humanitarian assistance.
  • On October 13, the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR Day), the NUG social media page broadcasted the dialogue programme, shared DRR Day poems and articles of the Ministry staff, and launched an inclusive social media public campaign. Weather forecast announcements are being broadcasted weekly with the disaster risk reduction purpose and preparedness plans for conflict situations have been broadcasted via social media and radio programmes for public awareness.  
  • Moreover, the Ministry has been providing capacity building training for CDM staff, opening nursery school programs for the children of staff, and organising vocational training programmes for displaced persons. Psychosocial support and counselling programmes are also underway for those who suffered from the COVID-19 third wave.