Myanmar Humanitarian Crisis Appeal

"Please donate now. Lives are at risk."

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Since military coup in February 2021, Myanmar humanitarian crisis has become the worst in its history.

Due to the inhumane attacks by Myanmar Military to its own civilians, about 1.9 million people have lost their homes, taking cover from artillery shelling, and staying in jungles as of 15 July 2023 and the figure is expected to increase with ongoing violence of Military.

UNOCHA estimates that some 17.6 million people, nearly one third of the population, are to be in humanitarian need in 2023. UNOCHA requests US$764 million to reach 4.5 million people prioritized for life-saving humanitarian support.

Humanitarian actors including UN and INGOs are facing serious access challenges due to the restriction and denial of humanitarian access by military junta.

Our ministry has been tirelessly working to provide humanitarian aid to those who need it most through local partners and courageous volunteers on ground with public donation. However, the gap in the required funding is very massive and there is still an enormous number of people who are in critical need of assistance. So, we need your support and please donate now if you can.

How will your donation help people in Myanmar?

Your donation could help 

  • Food and shelters for displaced people
  • Civil servants who involve in Civil Disobedience Movement
  • Vulnerable groups of people including women, children, people with disabilities 
  • Families of those who were killed by military Junta
  • Injured civilians due to the attacks of military
  • Political Prisoners