News Release 15 February , 2024

The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management has initiated issuing donation certificates with QR codes which can be scanned to differentiate the authentic and forged ones. In order to safeguard from forgeries and alterations of documents, the issuance of donation certificates with QR codes will be commenced from 16th February 2024.

Instruction on how to use QR codes to verify a donation certificate

Step (1) Donors need to scan the QR code displayed in the donation certificate using phone camera or QR Scanner applications.

Step (2) Upon scanning, A URL link will appear on the screen, which will redirect to the website.

Step (3) If the donation certificate is the authentic one issued from the MoHADM, Donor Name, targeted area of donation,designated sector of donation, Donation amount, Certificate number and the issued date will then be displayed.

Step (4) If the QR code or the donation certificate is forgery, counterfeit, falsified, or revoked, it will show that verification of the certificate is failed.

With these 4 steps, the donors themselves can verify the authenticity/validity of the donation certificates. The steps to follow for verification can be studied one by one in the images shown below.

Moreover, for any queries or concerns regarding the verification process or forged and counterfeit donation certificates or other related matters, please contact the email [email protected] for further assistance.