It is crucial to prevent the return of dictatorship and to create the emergence of a society that values humanity.

There is no place in this world for those who do not have human ethics, and who commit crimes against humanity. Today’s society no longer accepts not only the perpetrators of injustice but also those who promote injustice.
A joint statement issued by civil society groups in Myanmar and Cambodia on 4 January called for an end to human rights abuses. It is also a reminder to consider the consequences for dictators who commit inhumane crimes and atrocities.
The Cambodian people have strongly condemned Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen’s efforts to recognize the Myanmar military council, using Cambodia’s position and authority as rotating chairmanship of ASEAN, and warn that the move does not represent Cambodia.  The Myanmar military council is a terrorist organization that continues to commit inhumane acts of violence especially in ethnic areas – amounting to crimes against humanity and war crimes and will be investigated as a criminal offender at the United Nations and international tribunals. Any attempt being made to recognize and endorse the Myanmar Military Council will inevitably be condemned by the entire human race as a supporter of terrorism, atrocities, and war crimes.
Societies that respect humanity and value human ethics will continue to emerge around the world by standing with the people of Myanmar, by both locally and internationally, to eradicate the dictatorship that is unacceptable to society, not only on Myanmar soil, but also from the world forever.
Please continue to join and support Myanmar people’s uprising to end the days of military dictators around the world as soon as possible.   A joint statement from Myanmar and Cambodian CSOs is available in